Practice Range

The entire 300 yard deep (450 yards to the tree line) by 150 yard wide practice range is lighted for late evening practice. Utilizing 36000 watts of pole and ground lighting, nighttime practice gives you total illumination of your ball over its complete flight path.

Tee box areas

Natural turf Tees are available Spring, Summer, and Fall featuring manicured Bermuda turf in an  area 230 ft wide by 84 ft. deep.  The Tee line is moved back  4 feet every day, providing 21 different 4 foot strips of teeing lines – allowing for a 21 day recovery period before the turf is again played upon.

23 synthetic turf Tees are used during the winter dormancy of the Bermuda turf and after heavy downpours.

10 permanently covered Tees provide shade in the summer and are heated with 20 ceiling mounted 1500 watt infrared heaters with individual timers during the cooler months.

Target greens

5 target greens are staggered and spread out at  74 yds, 88 yds, 136 yds, 175 yds, and 200 yds to provide a semblance of realism to your shot.  Additionally, yardage banners are mounted at 250 yds. and  at 300 yds., where you can see your ball land – day or night.

When the natural turf is in rotational use, daily distances are posted on the yardage information sign.